City (Re)Searches

Our Street Exhibition

Kaunas, 2011, 2013

City (Re)Searches is engaging with the unique Žemieji Šančiai district of Kaunas seeking to explore and map different typologies of being public in Šančiai. The first session in 2011 was led by Irish art and research platform Vagabond Reviews. The aim was to gather everyday narratives and experiences of the Žemieji Šančiai district from the perspectives of those who live and work there. A Pop up Space was open throughout the week from  June 24th  2013 enabling local people take part in talks, discussions and performances.

I worked with the Lower Šančiai research group in 2011 and joined the project again in March 2013, developing an autonomous research and street art project with the Šanciai youth named “Our Street Exhibition”.


Project with youth in Sanciai, Kaunas, 2011